From IIT Dropout to Google Cloud CEO: Thomas Kurian’s Inspirational Journey

NewsFrom IIT Dropout to Google Cloud CEO: Thomas Kurian's Inspirational Journey


Introducing Thomas Kurian, a former IIT student and Google employee who dropped out but has the net worth of his IIT graduate boss, Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Alphabet, Google’s figure company. Sundar Pichai, celebrated as the very best-paid Indian worker, with an extraordinary reimbursement of $226 million in 2022, leads an enterprise valued at $1.17 trillion. However, Thomas Kurian, the CEO of Google Cloud, has managed to accumulate a net worth reportedly exceeding Rs 15,000 crore.

Early Life of Thomas Kurian 

Born in Kerala and an alumnus of Bengaluru’s St Joseph’s Boys High School, Thomas Kurian, along with his identical twin brother George Kurian, to begin with, pursued studies at IIT Madras before making the pivotal decision to move to the United States, securing admissions at Princeton University. Eager to blend technical acumen with commercial enterprise insights, Kurian pursued an MBA at Stanford Graduate School of Business.

 His journey began at McKinsey & Company, where he honed his consulting talents.  It was long time tenure at Oracle that marks the transformation.  Rising through the ranks, he performed a pivotal function in Oracle’s growth, culminating in his role as Vice President of Oracle’s e-commercial enterprise division.

Career of Thomas Kurian 

Armed with a bachelor’s diploma in electrical engineering and an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business, Kurian was his professional journey at McKinsey and Company. After works at McKinsey for 6-12 months, Thomas move to Oracle, whereas he spent the 22 years and climb to various. Afterwards, he make the group of 35,000 individuals in 32 countries.

His departure from Oracle in 2018 was marked by variations with co-founder Larry Ellison. By follow it, he join Google and work there as CEO. He is also credit by Google Cloud, and make some adjustments with customer service. One of his brilliant movements was to increase the salaries of Google Cloud salespersons to improve their motivation.

From small village to Silicon Valley

In 2018, he assumed the leadership position at Google Cloud, steering the business enterprise toward achievement and gathering a net really worth that exceeded his IIT graduate counterpart, Sundar Pichai.

With a stated net worth exceeding Rs. 15,000 crores, Thomas Kurian stands as a testament to ambition, resilience, and unwavering dedication. His journey from small village of Kerala to Valley shows the individuals ability and excellence. 

Thomas Kurian’s tale isn’t only a narrative of character achievement but also a thought for aspiring minds. His trajectory displays the transformative energy of ambition and relentless willpower, showcasing that one’s origins want no limit to the heights you’ll reap.


Thomas Kurian, the top-notch thought behind Google Cloud’s amazing achievement, has traversed an awesome experience from his roots in Kerala to becoming a tech industry luminary. Born to bold parents in Pampady, Kerala, Kurian’s mind and curiosity were nurtured early on. A decision made by him from IIT Madras to Princeton University, and make the career that shows conventional narratives

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