From Corporate World to IAS Officer: The Inspiring Journey of Vishakha Yadav

NewsFrom Corporate World to IAS Officer: The Inspiring Journey of Vishakha Yadav


The civil service exam, performed by way of the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), stands as an implementing hurdle for limitless aspirants harboring objectives of assuming the prominent mantles of IAS, IFS, IPS, and IRS. Within this big pool of contenders, the narrative of Vishakha Yadav emerges as a sworn statement to unyielding clear-up and enormous sacrifice.

Vishakha belongs to 

Hailing from Delhi, Vishakha’s trajectory is regarded as poised for achievement upon gaining admission to Delhi Technological University (DTU) and sooner or later securing a coveted position at Cisco in Bengaluru. Despite the allure of financial stability inherent in her high-paying company assignment, Vishakha felt an unmistakable inner calling to pursue a career as an IAS officer.

In an impressive departure from the comforts of business enterprise life, Vishakha resolved to channel all her power and time into UPSC education following her tenure at Cisco. Though confronted with initial setbacks, she persevered, ultimately rising successful in third strife in 2019, clinching an All India Rank (AIR) of 6 with a commendable score of 1046 out of 2025.

Huge support by Mother 

Vishakha Yadav’s journey becomes reinforced by her mother’s unwavering assistance and suggestion. The importance of her mother’s function in her achievements isn’t always lost on Vishakha. Amid the rigorous training, she located solace and rest in painting, an innovative outlet that helped alleviate pressure and keep a balanced mind-set.

Returning to Delhi from Bangalore, Vishakha embarked on a focused training journey for the USA examination. Her approach emphasized the significance of thoughtful planning and regular determination. Rather than enduring marathon study classes, she believed in setting plausible targets that now not most effectively improved her attention but additionally ensured effective time control.

Vishakha Yadav tough Journey    

The experience was not smooth for Vishakha. She faced many challenges, including financial constraints and societal stress to settle down and begin a family. However, she remained steadfast in her goal and endured to work hard. She studied for up to fourteen hours an afternoon, frequently sacrificing sleep and social activities.

Vishakha’s dedication paid off when she secured a rank of 6 inside the UPSC examination, making her one of the highest-ranked applicants. She was assigned to the Indian Administrative Service and is currently serving as the Deputy Commissioner of Karnal district in Haryana.

Final thoughts 

The journey of Vishakha  in cracking the competitive level exam is tough. It is an inspiration for all. She hails from Delhi and began her journey at DTU University in engineering. She works hard to fulfill her dreams. 

Despite a hit career at Cisco in Bangalore after finishing her engineering degree, Vishakha couldn’t bounce off her aspiration to sign up for the civil service. Eventually, she took a bold step, resigning from her activity to consciousness totally on preparing for the IAS examination.

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