Ashok Chavan submitted his nomination for the Rajya Sabha elections

NewsAshok Chavan submitted his nomination for the Rajya Sabha elections


Ashok Chavan, a BJP leader and former chief minister of Maharashtra, submitted his application for the Rajya Sabha elections on Thursday. This happened a few days after the seasoned Maharashtra politician severed his connection with the Congress and joined the BJP. Notably, nominations were due on February 15, and elections for up to 56 Rajya Sabha seats in 15 states were scheduled for February 27. Chavan expressed gratitude to the senior BJP leadership earlier on Wednesday following the announcement of his selection as the party’s nominee for the Maharashtra Rajya Sabha.

I don’t have words to tell how I feel. Despite the fact that I joined the BJP yesterday, they still have faith in me. He told the media, “This is a huge responsibility.” He expressed gratitude to State BJP President Chandrakant Bawankhule, Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, Union Home Minister Amit Shah, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

After forty years of association with the Congress, Chavan said he joined the BJP because of greater possibilities and for nothing else. He denied that his decision from Congress was motivated by the prospect of a Rajya Sabha seat.

Chavan, who had previously won the Bhokar assembly seat, claimed, I have a safe community and have been elected several times.” In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Chavan was defeated by his BJP opponent in his native Nanded. Ashok Chavan, who was promptly informed by Maharashtra’s Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, thanked the president of the Mumbai Congress. The BJP adherents who were gathered to welcome him into the party laughed after the remark, which was obviously a slip of the tongue. Later, Chavan apologized for the mistake and said, “I just joined BJP.” Thus making the error. After 38 years in Congress, I am embarking on a new journey by joining the BJP.

Please be understanding that this is my first press event at the BJP office, he said. When I was with Congress, I was sincere with them. Now, whether it’s state or Lok Sabha elections, I will make sure the BJP wins in my region. Chavan states, I don’t want to speak negatively about anyone in the party I was a member of for so long. He continued, saying that Devendra Fadnavis has always contributed to the growth of his constituency and region. Maharashtra culture teaches that focusing solely on our political rivals is not a viable approach to politics. Our goal has always been to improve the state as a whole. The former head of Congress said we have a history of stalwart lawmakers who worked for the growth of our state.

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