Chandrababu Naidu’s Initiative: Backward Classes Empowered by a Campaign

NewsChandrababu Naidu's Initiative: Backward Classes Empowered by a Campaign


On Thursday, the TDP national president, Chandrababu Naidu, launched the “ Jai Ho BC” campaign to empower the backward classes. This campaign is launched at the central office of the party. He commits to empower people to take steps towards their political and financial empowerment. He also further said that when the party gains power in the coming elections, they predict the humiliating defeat for the ruling congress party, YSR.

‘Jai HO BC’ campaign 

The campaign goal is to raise focus among the Backward Classes (BCs) about the injustices they have confronted all through the Yuvajana Sramika Rythu Congress Party (YSRCP) party. During the launch, Mr. Naidu stated that the TDP had initiated a historical program for the Backward Classes, who have been deceived by the aid of the YS Jagan Mohan Reddy authorities. Mr Naidu further said that the TDP has been a center that nurtured Backward Class empowerment. 

Chandrababu Naidu alleged the Jagan government. 

He alleged that the Jagan Government reduced the reservation for the Backward Classes from 34 % to 24 % and that the process loss in the last five years was extraordinary. He further said that the YSRC authorities are in debt of Rs 75,000 crores for Backward Classes.

The TDP Chief also criticized the modern Andhra CM for no longer spending a single rupee for the BCs in spite of claiming to spend Rs 75,000 crores every year. He puzzled CM Jagan Reddy, who gave him the right to do BC Sadhikara Yatra while he failed to enforce his promises for the BCs.

“Who gave the right to Jagan Reddy to do BC Sadhikara Yatra while he failed to enforce his guarantees for the BCs? The Japan government is In Rs 75000 crore debt. Jagan Reddy is a professional in uttering lies,” stated Mr Naidu. Announcing that Amaravati is the sole capital of Andhra Pradesh and TDP will entirely build it, the Naidu stated that no person in the nation has benefited from Jagan Reddy’s government aside from the chief minister-owned Sakshi paper and TV.

How do TDP leaders empower BC?

The TDP leader discovered that the Jagan authorities took loans of Rs 13 lakh crores, and 1/2 of this amount needs to be repaid through the BCs.

Stating that Jagan Reddy changed 38 MLAs and 25 leaders belonging to SC, ST, and BC groups and minorities, the Naidu discovered that the YSRC authorities filed lots of instances and removed 300 BCs inclusive of 74 contributors of TDP in the previous 4.9 years. Asserting that Backward Classes (BCs) are the backbone of TDP, he said that the Special Protection Act for BCs has been included in TDP’s Super 6 to finish the accused who lay their palms on the BC category people. 


Mr Naidu stated that through the ‘Jai Ho BC’ compaign, TDP leaders and employees will go to parliamentary constituencies, assembly constituencies, and mandals to assess the difficulties confronted by the BC network. He emphasized that the 100-day countdown has started for Jagan Reddy and winning the coming elections.

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