Bigg Boss 17: Anurag Dobhal , aka UK07 Rider will leave the show?

NewsBigg Boss 17: Anurag Dobhal , aka UK07 Rider will leave the...


Anurag Dobhal, better known online as UK07 Rider, was booted off “Bigg Boss 17.” The YouTuber has claimed that his eviction was unfair and that the producers were plotting to remove him when he questioned them. He talked candidly about being forced into isolation and the treatment he received inside the home in an interview with the media. Many Anurag Dobhal supporters believed that either the producers or the competitors had bullied him while he was on the show. Some even thought Salman Khan had unfairly criticized him on the show.

In response, the YouTuber remarked, “Bullied is a small word for what I experienced,” in a conversation with the media. During my sitting, there was a moment when I felt hopeless and disoriented. Bigg Boss. The competitors and even Salman Sir seemed to be upset with me for raising concerns about the way things were going on in the program. But I have always supported speaking the truth to power. I promise you that even though I had to go through a lot, I came out stronger in the end. Even though I didn’t get the trophy. I did win people over.

Anurag also talked about how the show’s creators misled him into thinking that his family didn’t want to see him. He revealed that his family did not want to see him because the other roommates made fun of him for making a partial remark. And that caused him to have an emotional collapse. When asked if comedian Munawar Faruqui was against him because he thought he was too popular and a threat, Anurag Dobhal responded with a smile that the one who is the strongest in a room is usually the one who is by themselves.

The others band together and remark from the sidelines. Everyone took advantage of the fact that I was so depressed during the past few weeks. People like Vicky Jain, who believe they are doing well, will soon face the consequences of their actions, according to Anurag. Anurag Dobhal also mentioned the support he received from the YouTube community. Salman Khan, the host, would frequently make fun of him for his fan base and creative buddies. Elvish Yadav, the winner of Bigg Boss OTT 2, has also consistently supported Anurag and even voiced his disappointment at his expulsion.

The former Bigg Boss 17 competitor claimed that the community had “immediate unity,” saying that “everyone is ready to pick someone up if they fall asleep.” I am pleased with the fact that the community has always pulled together to support one another. I am incredibly grateful to all the creators who have supported me, not just Elvish.

Anurag shared that many people have lost faith in reality shows as a result of these incidents, not just them. He expressed gratitude for being able to be himself all the way through the game. To be honest, I think anyone who wants to be on this show needs to be emotionally and mentally strong.

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