Allegations on Apollo Hospital for being involved in “ Cash for kidney” racket- Know more

NewsAllegations on Apollo Hospital for being involved in “ Cash for kidney"...


Recently, the news came, and allegations were put on Apollo hospitals for being involved in the “ cash for kidney ” racket. It shows the hospital’s team is involved in illegal work. According to the investigation, it comes to know that poor people from Myanmar are forced to sell their kidneys for profit. On Tuesday, all the allegations were denied by hospital staff. They said they were ill-informed, misleading, or false about it. 

Cash for Kidney racket

The investigation report says that poor young people from Myanmar are forced to come to Apollo Delhi Hospital to sell their kidneys to rich patients because they need money. The Cash for Kidney racket involves the elaboration of determined documents and staging of family pictures to present donors as families of patients. This is how the Cash for kidney racket runs in hospitals, and stranger sells their kidneys for Cash.

How do patients get donors?

As per investigation, the reporter found that strangers are filed as relatives of patients in documents who sell the kidney for Cash. However, they are not actual family members of patients. One of the reporters came in touch with a 27-year-old Burmese man, who said that he needed his kidney to sell because of the weak financial condition of her old parents. In Apollo Hospital, patients can choose the donor and then give Cash to them after getting a kidney. 

Money is needed to source the kidney.

The Apollo Myanmar operation head told a reporter about the Apollo branded costs document. It tells the costs of kidney transplants, from Rs 33,000 ( drawing up of family tree ) to Rs 21,000  ( flights ) and Rs 16,700 for registration for medical board. The expense document also shows that patients may incur costs up to Rs 1 79,500. These expenses do not include the money that patients give to donors to sell their kidneys. Moreover, these costs lie around 70 to 80 lakh. 

How is the Cash for Kidney racket system planned? 

Once the Patient makes the upfront cash payment, the donor comes to India. The Patient and donor come in front of the transplant committee for an interview. The committee members are responsible for checking patients’ and donors’ documents and confirming their transplant process. On this, one of Myanmar agents of Apollo Hospital told the reporter that the committee includes various officials of Apollo hospitals who run this racket. 

Doctors involved in Cash for kidney racket.

The investigation reports tell the name of a UK-trained doctor, Dr Sandeep Guleria. He was a surgeon who conducted the kidney transplant and ran this racket. The reports also mentioned that Guleria is expected to get summoned for involvement in questioning on this scandal linked with Apollo Hospital.


The news came from Apollo Hospital, alleging they were involved in an illegal cash-for-kidney racket. The investigation has already started at Apollo Hospital to know which team or doctors are involved in the kidney scandal. 

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