A comprehensive promotion policy is to be implemented by the Indian Army starting on January 1.

NewsA comprehensive promotion policy is to be implemented by the Indian Army...


The objective of the new policy is to realign the army’s leadership with regards to emerging and current operational challenges that have both internal and external aspects. On January 1st, 2023, the Indian Army will launch a comprehensive promotion policy. The updated policy is intended to fulfill the force’s ever-changing operational needs.

Authorities state that the goal of the policy is to realign the army’s leadership with regards to both internal and external operational challenges that are present and future. Officers will have more opportunities to advance, particularly those holding the rank of Major General, thanks to the new policy revision. Promotions within the same division will be available to officers approved in the “Staff” division.

The program is a component of a larger endeavor to fulfill the professional goals of officers in all branches and services, guaranteeing a fairer distribution of opportunities for advancement and bolstering a meritocratic culture.

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According to the Indian Army, the policies underpinning its current HRM practices are inconsistent among the selection board and are based on a range of policies. This will be addressed by the upcoming policy, which will standardize the process and requirements for all selection boards.

Despite the fact that the current promotion policy is sound, policies must be flexible in order to adapt to changing operational needs, a senior Army officer stated on Wednesday. According to him, the new policy will assist in coordinating the leadership requirements with the current and upcoming operational challenges encompassing both internal and external dimensions.

The Army comprises several wings: “services” such as the Army Services Corps, the Army Ordnance Corps, and the Corps of Electronic and Mechanical Engineers; “combat arms” such as infantry armored corps and mechanized infantry; and combat support arms such as artillery, air defense, aviation engineers, and signals. The 43,000-strong officer cadre of the force consists of about 80 Lieutenant-Generals, 300 Major Generals, 1200 Brigadiers, and 5600 Colonels.

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