A Gurugram trader was shot dead in front of his family.

NewsA Gurugram trader was shot dead in front of his family.


A scrap trader from Gurugram was shot several times by three men in the presence of his mother, wife, and two children, in a gutsy and horrifying murder captured on camera. His mother was shot in the leg by one of the three men while she attempted to stop them to save her son.

In a video, Rohit Godara, who is the member of Lawrence Bishnoi gang, claimed responsibility for the murder that happened in Rohtak, Haryana. He claimed that the man who was shot was a bookie and had ties to the Kaushal Chaudhary-Amit Dagar gang, who were their rivals.

Authorities said that the accused killers were paid to murder the businessman and had broken out of a Jaipur reform home. On Wednesday night, as they attempted to escape, they were apprehended close to the Nepali border. 

With his mother, wife, and kids, the scrap trader, identified as Sachin, was traveling to Sangrur, Punjab, to attend a wedding. On February 29, the family made a stop at a restaurant in Lakhan Majra, Rohtak.

Sachin can be seen leaving the restaurant according to the CCTV footage and making his way towards his SUV. Just as he gets closer, his spouse and child appear in the picture. Sachin’s spouse moved for her child to get out of the way as a white car that had been waiting by the roadside approached the SUV. 

His mother and the other kid, a toddler, are also visible as the car stops close to the SUV. Hear the wife yelling, “Look, they are robbing you.” Then, two of the men started shooting at Sachin, who was driving. The mother rushes toward Sahin and the individuals.

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Who is shooting him while the wife leads the kids to safety? Following a few rounds, the men move in the direction of their vehicle before turning back to the SUV and heading out in the waiting car. All the while, the mother is still weeping; my child has died.

Rohit Godara, who had also claimed responsibility for the December death of Rashtriya Rajput Karni Sena chief Sukhdev Gogamedi in Jaipur, is heard saying, “I am Rohit Godara Goldy Brar, “in a video that has gone viral. The reference is to another member of the Lawrence Bishnoi gang. In Lakhan Majra, Haryana, a bookie named Sachin Hoda, who lived in Gurugram and regarded himself as the largest bookie in Delhi, passed away. For this, we accept full responsibility. The gangster claimed that he was the partner of Amrit Dagar and Kaushal Chaudhary, two of his enemies.

Amit, Sachin’s younger brother, claimed to be a scrap dealer. He said my mom was shot in the leg as well, and my brother took ten to fifteen bullets. He dealt in both scrap and real estate.

When questioned about Rohit Godara’s allegation that Sachin was a bookie, Amit responded, “I am not aware of any such thing.” We are looking forward to getting justice.

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