‘Don’t tell reasons, solve the problem’ Akhilesh on power crises to Govt

News'Don't tell reasons, solve the problem' Akhilesh on power crises to Govt


Lucknow: Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav said the government shouldn’t tell the reasons for the power crises. It must take steps to resolve the issues. Akhilesh said that the government has failed in controlling power crises. In the scorching heat, people are facing problems and the power cut has increased it too much. Akhilesh in his tweet attached the tweet of power minister AK Sharma, in which he said that the power production units are shut due to some technical faults.

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In Uttar Pradesh, the power crisis is there for many days. Rural areas are not getting enough supply and even the urban areas are too. The power line is tripping all the way and people are facing problems. A day before, AK Sharma tweeted about the reasons for the power cut. He said in his tweet that Harduaganj, Bara, and Meja power production units are shut due to some technical reasons. Besides this, one more unit in Harduaganj was shut due to the high force winds which was repaired the same day later. In Uttar Pradesh, the difference between the supply and demand is almost 4000 MW units less. So the shut of these units has made the condition worse.

Akhilesh Yadav said that from Purvanchal to western Uttar Pradesh, people are in problems due to the weather conditions. Moreover, the government is failing in power supply. When the government must come forward to resolve the issues, it is to share the reasons for the problem.

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Congress also commented on the issue. State spokesperson of the Party, Ashok Singh said that during the elections BJP was boasting of a ‘double engine government’. Now the both engines failed to control the issue and the common men are suffering.

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