What is Customer Focus?

Concept of the DayWhat is Customer Focus?


When it comes to decision-making in a business, the management thinks from a customer’s point of view rather than profit-point of view if they want to sustain and succeed in the industry at all times. Customer focus is a method in which customers are put at the center. The decisions made by the teams or departments are something that is thought about from a customer perspective and how the decisions can influence the customers. It is a strategy that is used for the long-term running of the business and people who care only for short-term profits don’t really get into customer-centered decisions.

Concept of the day: Customer Satisfaction

Customer-focused organizations put their attempts to discover and understand meeting customers’ needs and requirements. They think about all the time how they can keep their customer happy and provide them with amazing services. Such companies ensure to add customer feedback as an important element of their marketing department which works on the product design and development. Even many decisions made by the company are based on the customer’s preferences and thus, it survives all the storms that come when the economy even goes down.

What is Innovation in Business?

The best example of Customer focused company is that of online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, JioMart, etc. When the coronavirus lockdown restrictions were introduced, several businesses became panicked about how they will operate despite the limitations in movements, vaccinations of the staff, etc. However, these online stores were operating successfully and even made profits because they knew how to connect with their customers. Their marketing emails, messages, and articles showed how the staff used to practice social distancing, wearing masks, etc. when the country was asked to stay back at home. 

The online sales improved when the service was customized as per the needs of the customers. Customer-focused companies ensure that they keep their customers engaged by adapting based on their feedback, actions, and behavior. It also helps to improve their business and earn profits compared to companies that don’t take decisions based on customer focus. It helps in relationship management and also adapting to the market changes.

Customer focus is all about having kindness and compassion that is never-ending with your customers. You cannot stop and say that you would like to carry on with your customer service after a year because your sales have dropped this year. It doesn’t work that way and if you really give poor customer service, the trust that the existing customers kept in your company will be lost. You need to keep your interactions with the customers friendly and also in their best interests if you really want to scale up your business.

The best example of customer-focused decisions can be seen in the kind of films that superstars chose when they want to deliver a box-office hit. Salman Khan is known to choose masala entertainers for his fanbase and he never tries to experiment with anything apart from this genre. The moment he tried with films like Tubelight and Race 3, he couldn’t convince his existing fans who come to see his masala flicks to accept the change. His signing up for movies is based on his fanbase’s preferences and interests.

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