Gaza hospital attack shocks PM Modi

NationalGaza hospital attack shocks PM Modi


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced on Wednesday that civilian deaths due to ongoing conflict in Gaza are a serious matter that needs to be sorted out soon.

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He went ahead to express his grief over the tragic loss of lives in an attack on a hospital in Gaza. Modi also said those involved in the hospital attack must be held liable for their cruel actions.

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As per reports, the Hamas group stated that there was a huge explosion at the al-Ahli hospital in Gaza. The incident has led to the loss of lives of hundreds of people Tuesday. Hamas related the blast to an Israeli air strike, however, the Israeli military denied the involvement. It mentioned that the blast was due to a misfired Palestinian rocket.

“Deeply shocked at the tragic loss of lives at the Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza. Our heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims, and prayers for speedy recovery of those injured,” said Modi on X (Formerly called Twitter).

“Civilian casualties in the ongoing conflict are a matter of serious and continuing concern. Those involved should be held responsible,” said Modi, the prime minister of India.

The rift between Israel and Hamas started after armed Hamas terrorists situated in the Gaza Strip established an unexpected attack on Israel by land, air, and sea on October 7 this year. Since the attacks started, approximately 2,778 Palestinians have lost their lives.

Media reports have mentioned official Israeli sources as saying that at least 1,400 Israelis and foreign nationals have died in Israel.

Why take part in the war when things can be talked about and solved smoothly? However, people who get engaged in war do not realize the harsh reality that just because of their vested interests, they are inviting more trouble in their lives.

It is just not the war in Israel but also last year, Ukraine and Russia started war between the two countries that affected the lives and mindset of many people.

It is really saddening to note these state of war affairs where people are unable to forget and forgive for others’ sake. There is no use of war between states or countries because at the end of the day, people lose their peace and lives, which is worse than anything else.

Even during the war between India and Pakistan, several lives were lost between both the countries. People had to forgo their relations and even their own households to live in another country and even accept the faith of others. But this war-like situation only creates more differences and spreads violence and hatred in the world.

So, to people who work in the wellness sector, let us come together to promote peace talks and a positive environment around us and others. This will help the people who have unstable minds and negative thoughts come out of their zones and merge with people who think about the good of others and want to make this world a better place to live in.

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