Dirty sewage water accumulated in the chest of the holy Bhagirathi Thanks to the ignorance of the departments

NationalDirty sewage water accumulated in the chest of the holy Bhagirathi Thanks...


The government has been trumpeting Swachh Bharat, we all are well aware of the campaign initiative and the work undertaken to clean the cities and the whole of India. But what is actually happening is the opposite of the action plans.

Talking about the floating huts accommodation, it may look very appealing from the outside, but the dark reality is that it is polluting the region. However, the administration’s hands are tied and they have given permission to the floating huts to operate in Tehri Lake to pierce Bhagirathi’s chest again.

Dirty and filthful sewage and kitchen wastewater from floating huts is now being dumped fearlessly into Bhagirathi with administration support. Environmentalists tried raising their voice about this but no one is ready to listen to the issue. Despite all the flaws found in the investigation of the floating huts, the company operating it was allowed to continue hosting people again.

Surprisingly, the Pollution Control Board, after 24 days of rigorous checking of the floating huts, allowed them to dump the dirt in the Tehri lake. At the same time, the district administration has also distanced itself from this whole matter. The district administration said that permission to operate the floating huts has been given by the Tourism Development Council and they cannot do much about it at the moment.

Let us tell you that in reality permissions were taken to operate floating huts only under PPP model from Lee Rai Company in Tehri Lake. All the responsibility of which was taken by the Rai company. But it was only after the company took over the operations of the floating huts that the Bhagirathi started maligning. A video of a company employee discarding sewage water from floating huts into Tehri Lake went viral on the internet.

Ahead of this incident, on October 7, the District Administration Tehri and the Pollution Control Board team inspected the floating huts operating in PPP mode in Tehri Lake. During this time, the sewage and kitchen sewage coming out of the floating huts were not found to be properly disposed of.

After submitting a report to the administration, the kitchen area of the floating hut was sealed. But with the support and go ahead of the Uttarakhand Tourism Development Council Director, Infrastructure, Lieutenant Commander Deepak Khanduri, they were allowed t float the business again.

In this regard, District Magistrate Tehri Dr. Saurabh Gaharwar says that the flatting huts were properly inspected, and the kitchen area was sealed due to the non-availability of sewage there. But after the order of the Tourism Development Council, permission has now been given for its operation. Sadly the pollution control board is also completely silent in this matter.

Tehri Lake is built on the holy Bhagirathi River originating from Gomukh. The Bhagirathi river assumes the form and name of the Ganges from Devprayag. It is being polluted by the floating huts built in the name of tourism.

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