You can be on a strict budget and focus on good health at the same time

LifestyleYou can be on a strict budget and focus on good health...


Busting myths about maintaining healthy eating without spending a lot of money.

We often associate a good lifestyle and healthy eating with a huge expense list, while half of it is true but one can still maintain a budget without having to sacrifice nutrition. A healthy and balanced diet should be full of vegetables, fruits, and proteins that help you keep illnesses at bay.

With mindful planning, one can easily savor nutritious meals. We share with you these tips to smartly deal with your grocery list!

1: Plan Your meals and follow recipes with common ingredients
2: Always Shop with a List to avoid overbuying items
3: Always opt for seasonal fruits and vegetables
4: Try Growing a Garden, homegrown food is healthy and pocket friendly
5: Cook at home as much as possible and save draining money on fancy dinners
6: Never go for shopping while you are hungry, you will always tend to buy random and unhealthy food
7:Buy generic brands; the fancy labels that say organic are the most expensive and offer nothing extra
8: Do not buy packaged and too much processed food; it’s the worst for your body
9: Shop from wholesale markets and in bulk to save money
10: Lat but not the least always pray, eat in silence and enjoy your meals. Trust us that makes all the difference.

Happy cooking !

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