It is not a lifestyle that matters but life, says Sadhguru

LifestyleIt is not a lifestyle that matters but life, says Sadhguru


Well-known spiritual leader Sadhguru, also known as Jaggi Vasudev (Jagadish Vasudev) spoke to a media outlet about how lifestyle is the root cause of all problems in our life. He mentioned how people try to find meaning in life but in reality, there is no meaning to anything and people get confused by overthinking. It was 40 years ago that Sadhguru started teaching yoga in India and has now evolved as the top spiritual leader in the world. He is renowned for his charitable and spiritual work not just in India but in several countries that invite him to give speeches and share his knowledge.

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According to Sadhguru, life and lifestyle are not the same and should be given different treatment. Life is more precious than lifestyle because if you compare your lifestyle with that of others who are better than you, you will always feel discontent in your life. The suffering that you are less than others will always make you feel underconfident and also make you feel that your life is not important. However, that is untrue. 

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Your life is precious and quite important to you as well as the people around you. It doesn’t matter if you don’t own a BMW car or you don’t wear that luxurious watch, what should matter to you always is how joyful you are with whatever things you own and have in your life. In the past as well, Sadhguru had shared his views about lifestyle on a social media platform Twitter. He had written about how people are becoming slaves to their lifestyle and are not dedicated to their lives.

He also said in his earlier interviews how self-determination and being satisfied in your life can help you overcome failure. According to him, he is not afraid of failure because for him, what matters is the efforts that he had put into his life. He is determined by himself and not by the end results of his actions and that keeps him in a blissful state.

He also mentioned how people look for meaning in life when they are unhappy and depressed with their own lives. Instead, people should accept life as a joyful process, live for the present moment, and enjoy life’s journey. It is indeed true that one has to just focus on only their life’s journey and not keep comparing it with that of others.

For example, if you are a graduate, you neither have to think about people who have Masters’ or Ph.D. degrees, and neither you have to compare it with people who are just class 4 passed. Why can’t you just accept life for how it is and what it is and live happily? Probably you will discover more beautiful things in your journey that you may have never even imagined in your life. Your self-determination to live is what matters more than how you live. So, don’t fret over little things that are out of your control, and just concentrate on one day at a time and one step at a time in your life’s process.

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