What different can you do this Dussehra?

LifestyleWhat different can you do this Dussehra?


What different can you do this Dussehra?

Dussehra is a beautiful occasion of lights and colors. As we are celebrating the festival of the victory of Lord Rama over the demon king Ravana and the triumph of Goddess Durga over demon Mahishasura, we need to really understand why is the celebration so vital for people all over the country. In schools and colleges, we are taught to speak the truth, do ethical work, and never cheat others be it practically or emotionally. But how many people really do follow these values and ethics in their real lives?

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In order to remind everyone that GOOD always wins over evil or bad, this festival of Dussehra is observed. Not only Dussehra, but the majority of all the festivals and occasions that are celebrated in India always come with the message that one has to do good karma and see the good in others and not support the bad or evil to do their wrong or unethical work in the society. In order to be a good human being without troubling others is the biggest work of humanity and that’s what each festival’s history or origin talks about.

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So, apart from doing your traditional celebrations this Dussehra, also try to do something good for the society in your own way possible. For example, try to help someone who doesn’t know how to book a COVID-19 vaccine slot in COWIN, try to encourage a child to read a good book, talk about a incident where you felt God came to you as a helper and took you out of the trouble, stay home and call someone on their mobile whom you know is traveling unnecessarily and risking himself and others in this pandemic to make him explain the situation well, buy a small plant and start watering it daily to help it grow and you evolve in the process.

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