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How an introvert reacts when tourism is reopening

I am a complete introvert person. I have very few people in my life with whom I interact on a regular basis. To be frank, I am away from social media apps and use WhatsApp, Facebook only once in a while. The last time I traveled outside my home was in April 2021 before a strict lockdown was introduced in my area.

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Having taken only one dose of vaccine against the coronavirus disease, I have decided to go out even for regular walks to buy stuff only after the second dose of the vaccination. Yes, by now you would understand why I am saying I am an introvert. I have remained a shy and quiet person ever since I knew about myself. 

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So, when one of my friends who lives in another country called me up recently and told me to book a ticket and travel to her place as she has welcomed a baby girl, I said “I am really sorry dear, I know that the travel industry is resuming its operations and the coronavirus cases are declining but I have lost a lot in these pandemic times and I would prefer sending you wishes through my prayers and good thoughts than packing my bags and coming over to your place. I know it is a great opportunity for me to explore a new place in my life, but you can still consider me outdated and orthodox while I stay committed to following the COVID-19 protocols and guidelines till I get an update that all that started in 2019 as a pandemic has come to a closure completely and wholly.”

So, for an introvert like me, even an exciting opportunity to travel abroad didn’t deter my determination to stay home and be safe. I would probably stay like this for a long while and won’t get distracted even when I am flooded with loads of discounts and free tickets to travel within and outside the country. Apologies from an introvert to the tourism industry that is struggling hard to get back on track.

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