Tips to improve relations with your family

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International Day of Families was celebrated today on 15th May all over the world to create awareness about the importance of families and their role in our lives. The day focuses on both the good and bad sides of living together with families along with the ways that can be used to overcome family problems.

If you have been facing a family issue for a long time, use this day as a chance to improve your family relations. Here are some ways in which you can mend your family ties.

1) Speak honestly:

Honesty is the best policy. If you are not being transparent with your family about your problems at work or career, about your relations with your friends and partners, then you are misleading them. Your family will not understand what you are going through in reality unless you share the same with them in a transparent manner.

2) Be patient:

Practicing patience will always help you to understand your family members. If your family members don’t agree with your viewpoints, you don’t have to remove your frustration with others. You have to be patient and willing to help them understand why your viewpoints matter to you in leading your life. It is okay if they don’t agree or support you as long as that doesn’t affect your self-esteem.

3) Give them space and time:

If your family members want to keep things in private mode and don’t want to mingle with you all the time, then it is fine. Families are evolving these days as per the recent trends and current times. You cannot expect your family to be an ideal one wherein everyone talks sweetly and keeps sacrificing their wishes for others. You need to be more broad-minded in accepting the flaws in the family and looking beyond them.

4) Be forgiving and respectful:

If your family members have a foul mood and mouth too, then be willing to ignore and let things go. You don’t need to earn a respectful degree or certificate from them but be willing to respect them and accept them the way they are. It is okay if they do backbiting or keep cribbing about your present and past mistakes. The more bigger the heart you have, the more bigger and longer your family ties will be.

Being supportive, spending time together, and being grateful to your family members for whatever they do or say to you are some of the ways you can use to mend your family relations. In modern times, people don’t live with their families and want to live alone more because they want their own privacy. So, when you understand this part and give your existing family members the needed headspace to think and take their own decisions, the more you can stay with them under the same roof. However, if you keep arguing for silly reasons and don’t focus on the larger picture, you are wasting a lot of your precious time and setting a wrong example in society.

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