Time to fall and rise in LOVE with YOURSELF

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Time to fall and rise in LOVE with YOURSELF

You might have people saying about a man or woman in their locality or family or office who got so depressed in their lives after they parted ways with their loved ones. The depression mode of such a man or woman paralyzed them to think so negatively about life that they forgot to enjoy life and be grateful for what they have. They went into such despair that people think they are a “gone case” or mentally sick and have no future.

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Breaking up with the love of your life or the heartbreak that comes when the loved one departs from this world, is just too difficult to bear for many. Not everyone is the same in the world and has the mental ability to face life as it comes. Some just give up on life’s journey when they are hurt so emotionally that they don’t find any purpose in living their lives. 

For such people, saying just “move on with life” doesn’t attract them and in fact, adds more pain to the already negative feelings of “being cheated”, “having got injustice” as and when they compare their lives to others. People don’t come into our lives just like that, and each person we meet in life is a lesson. We need to learn a lot of things as we are living in this changing world on the planet earth.

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Yes, we cannot live life like animals or aliens, and being emotional over small to big things is a part of being a human. You are not born a robot and when you are hurt, it is natural to cry, express your grief but know how much time you want to grieve on the loss. If you think only a loved one can complete your life, then know that God comes to the rescue always and he is the one who completes us. 

Instead of failing, it is time to rise above by falling in love with yourself and taking care of your needs just like how you will do for the other person. You can just know what you want and need and look for achieving the same. Taking care of yourself is the best and biggest service that you do to the gift of God to you that is your life. 

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