‘Sexpectations’: Sex is not a fast food, go slow

Lifestyle‘Sexpectations’: Sex is not a fast food, go slow


‘Sexpectations’: Sex is not a fast food, go slow

If you expect to have great sex, then you need to work hard for your ‘sexpectations’.

Splurge a bit on fancy lingerie: Wearing bright red lacy bra or sexy corset will make you the seductress you husband would want. Wear things that suit your body type. Accentuate your assets. Lift the parts that sag.

Wear his clothes: There is nothing sexier for a man to see his beautiful wife wearing his clothes. Wear a sexy lingerie with a loose, oversized shirt of your husband and leave the buttons open. Casually do your chores without making it look too obvious.

Talk dirty: Tell him what you want him to do to you in bed. Use your finger to write imaginary words on your husband’s body. Drive him crazy by whispering sweet nothings into his ear.

Lather on oil: Essential oil makes your skin look smoother, shiny and smell good. And that’s sexy for a man.

Set the stage: Bring on the mood by creating an intimate setting with nice music and dim lights or scented candles. You can also fill the bathtub with warm water and sensuous bath salts, a few rose petals and two glasses of wine. Waiting for him in the tub will be all the more sexy.

Add flirtation and seduction to your romance: Men like it. They find it mysterious and exciting, even if you have been married to your man for years.

Have some foreplay: Sometimes foreplay is more enjoyable than the sex. The anticipation of what’s going to happen next will make your husband want you more.

Strip for him: Perform a striptease for your lovely husband. Focus on removing one cloth at a time. Maintain an eye contact. Show him some of your dance moves.

Lie down on the bed and cover yourself only with a sheet: Spread your hair across the pillow and cross your arms under your breasts so that you can push them up. Leave top of your cleavage exposed. Show only one leg till calf. A bit of skin showing with rest left for imagination will drive your husband wild!

Take initiative: Want to know how to attract husband? Then, get a little bossy in bed. Tell him what you want and what turns you on. You control the moment, men crave for it.

Tie him up: And if you want to know how to attract husband in bed, here’s an idea. Take control! Some men get excited by the idea of a sexy woman taking control of the situation. Use some comfortable and soft scarf or his tie and tie him to the bed or sofa. Put a comfortable cushion or pillow below his head.

Watch porn together: Yes, watching porn together in the bed would make your husband want you more. Giving your husband a visual treat will drive him crazy, and the added advantage is you can mimic those moves.

Go slow: Sex is not a fast food. There is no way you can feel satisfied with a quickie. You need to enjoy what you are doing.

The most important thing to remember is that you need not shy away from your husband or feel guilty for having sexual desires. It is not sleazy or vulgar to impress him sexually. It strengthens your bond and makes sure that the physical needs of both you and your husband are met amply.

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