No need to worry about having sex during pregnancy.

LifestyleNo need to worry about having sex during pregnancy.


No need to worry about having sex during pregnancy.

New Delhi: Most people feel that sex should not be done during pregnancy, but this is not true. In the first trimester, of course, you do not feel like being close with your partner due to fatigue and nausea. But during the second trimester (3 to 6 months), the reversals usually stop and you feel better than before. Love hormones (oxytocin) start growing in your body. Actually, in the second trimester of pregnancy, both your blood flow and secretion increases. Due to this, the quantity of love hormones will also increase. This whole process is also called Chadwick. During this time, the vagina starts swelling and the lubricant also increases. In such a situation, feel like being intimate with the partner. However, in pregnancy, a lot of things are done about sex in which there is no truth.

According to the expert, having sex during pregnancy does not harm the fetus because during pregnancy, the vagina itself stretches and becomes slightly larger. For this reason, a heavy layer of mucus accumulates on the outer side of the uterus, due to which the child is protected inside the utrace during sex.

Bleeding after sex does not mean having miscarriage or damage. Due to the uterus being sensitive, little blood can come out after sex, which is normal. But if bleeding is more, talk to a doctor immediately.

Having sex during pregnancy can cause vaginal infection only if your partner does not have any sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, cleanliness should be taken care of.

There are many benefits to having sex during pregnancy. Like – this makes your pelvic muscles strong. Blood circulation is better than sex in pregnancy. This boosts immunity. Sleep is good And there is love between the partners. That is why there is no need to worry about having sex during pregnancy.

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