Know the importance of hand hygiene on World Hand Hygiene Day 2020

LifestyleKnow the importance of hand hygiene on World Hand Hygiene Day 2020


Know the importance of hand hygiene on World Hand Hygiene Day 2020

World Hygiene Day is here. World Health Organization (WHO) has marked 5 May as World Hand Hygiene Day. This year’s theme is ‘Save Lives: Clean Your Hands’. The idea of the observation is recognizing the importance of keeping clean and safe hands as they help in eliminating many serious illnesses and infections.

In today’s coronavirus times, hand hygiene has become a global priority. All the guidelines to keep coronavirus away includes keeping hands clean and washing them at regular intervals. Washing hands with soap water after entering the house from outside and after using washroom, is said to be one of the best ways to curb the spread of coronavirus disease.

Now let us understand why good hand hygiene is otherwise also very important. Dirty and unclean hands can allow germs to enter your body through your skin. For people with sensitive skin, unclean hands can lead to developing rashes, redness, skin issues, blackheads etc.

Now let us know how to keep our hands safe and hygienic. If you are at home, use some soap water and clean your hands’ backside, in between fingers, tip of the fingers, thumb and spread the soap water on the wrist, palms and top of your hands. Now, wash the soap from your hands with water for at least 20 seconds in a proper way. If you are going outside home, then use a good-quality hand sanitizer to apply on your hands at regular intervals.

Maintain social distancing, stay home, stay hygienic and safe.

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