How to trust yourself in difficult times

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Life may seem boring or uncomfortable to you at certain times. You may feel cheated in a relationship and also disappointed as your expectations didn’t meet your life’s goals. You may have pent-up anger inside you because you didn’t express or share your feelings with your loved ones. You may be wanting to run to some other place and no longer go back to your home or office or that friend’s house because you are feeling too stressed

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In such uncertain times, you have to trust yourself. Yes, you read it absolutely right! You have to believe in yourself, which is going to be the most difficult aspect of your life. However, the determination and the right training will help you know what is right or wrong for you. You will slowly start understanding what are the strengths that will make you gain the trust in yourself.

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You can start trusting yourself by focusing on what you can do in your life. For example, if you are mocked for acting strangely in your life, you need not judge yourself for being the way you are. You need to look at your own needs and demands in life. It means you need to learn the art of self-care and taking accountability for your actions and duties. 

Treating yourself with love and compassion will help you to achieve perfection in life. If you refuse to give up on yourself no matter what the situation is, it means you have built the necessary trust in yourself well. Getting personal space to understand your feelings and creating a positive relationship with your inner critic are some of the ways you can gain trust in yourself.

Do not get bogged down by the advice and suggestions given by others. Let go of the habits that make you doubt yourself. You can note down the instances when you don’t feel like trusting yourself. You can simply trust your right choices rather than thinking in-depth about your wrong choices. I will tell you a story about a woman who rose above all the failures in her life.

This woman was in her late 30s when she got married to a man who was 15 years elder than her. She came from another city to settle down in Mumbai with her husband. Her husband never took her seriously and was old-fashioned to think about her as confined to homely responsibilities alone. This woman wanted to study and grow her career but her idea of developing a career was rejected by her in-laws. But she didn’t give up and kept her ambitions alive inside her.

The woman reached in the late 70s when she completed all her homely and family responsibilities and told her family that now is the time for her dreams and ambitions. She decided to take up MA in her favorite subject and she started focusing her time on her studies. By the time she reached the age of 80, she completed her studies. It is because of her trust in herself that she completed her own dreams.

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