‘Hope’ is the biggest secret of a happy life

Lifestyle‘Hope’ is the biggest secret of a happy life


‘Hope’ is the biggest secret of a happy life

A man had a lot of riches in his life, both materialistically and emotionally. He had achieved a net worth in crores, had a family of four sons and two daughters. All of them were married and doing well in their lives. The man enjoyed his family time with his grandchildren and supervised his business activities that were run by his children. He had achieved everything that he had aimed for in life. A friend of his of the somewhat same age was quite unhappy in his life owing to the various difficulties that he has in life. His children don’t listen to him and his business also was facing huge losses.

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When the friend met this man, he shared all that was bothering him and asked what made the man so successful in life when he and many of his known people were facing so many hurdles in their progress and growth time and again. The man smiled at his friend and said, “it is because you all think that the grass is always green on the other side”. The friend was shocked hearing the same and wanted to understand what the man meant.

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The man continued sharing his life story, “My father passed away when I was in my 20s. My mother was depressed because of this emotional loss and was against my marriage and career plans. All she wanted is a simple life with me nearby her. But I realized her depression shouldn’t make her live life like this forever. I took the plunge and decided to set up a business and invest all my knowledge and skills in it. I married the woman of my choice but had to face a lot of backlash from my wife’s family.”

“My wife was forced to quit the marriage by her family because I was a struggling businessman. But she taught me that hope and patience can even move mountains then how can we get quit. I kept hope in my heart and started working towards my goals in my personal and professional life. Eventually, I gained all that I wanted in life but there was always a hindrance posed by time towards me. I didn’t lose faith in myself and God. Just keep going ahead and focused only on what is important and positive in my life”.

This story of the man moved the friend and he was in tears. He understood that life is not easy for anyone and it is all about the perception and attitude towards life that makes them successful and happy in life. 

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