Healthy habits to boost your immunity

LifestyleHealthy habits to boost your immunity


Healthy habits to boost your immunity

Nowadays, everyone is talking about immunity. Yes the word ‘immunity’ is trending since the coronavirus pandemic came to India.

All advertisements are adding the term ‘immunity’ to sell their products. Even fruit shop owners and vegetable sellers are using the term to increase public awareness about building immunity.

Diet alone, will definitely not make you immune and protect your from coronavirus or any other infection. There are some lifestyle changes and healthy habits which if followed can boost your immunity and make you stronger than before.

1) Get enough sleep:
Some people think sleeping for 5 hours per day is enough and some think even sleeping for 9 hours is less. Well, it depends on person to person. If you maintain a sleeping schedule of 7 to 8 hours everyday without any disturbances, then you are on the right track to build your immunity strong.

2) Workout is essential:
Just like brushing your teeth is important everyday, same is working out important. Regular exercise, yoga, physical activities, meditation can help reduce any health risk and boost your immunity.

3) Weight is just a number:
When people keep complaining that lockdown has led to increase in weight as they weren’t able to go out, I still feel pity. Weight is just a number of kgs of your body. It doesn’t wholly determine if you are healthy or not. What you are doing with your body and mind on a regular basis is what is important. Think about it surely.

Last but not the least, drink plenty of fluids, water, juices and also eat good home-cooked food at regular intervals. Think positive and have a hope for the future.

By Sahana Iyer

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