Happy National Daughters Day 2023 Wishes, Messages

LifestyleHappy National Daughters Day 2023 Wishes, Messages


As Daughter’s Day is observed today i.e. on 24 September 2023, we bring here some fascinating information about the interesting event. As per the data of UNICEF, India is the only main nation with a bigger mortality rate for girls than boys. It means India has a gender ratio at birth of 900 girls for every 1000 boys. 

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All over the world, 7 percent more boys die under the age of five compared to girls. However, in India, it is the reverse as 11% of girls pass away before they reach the age of five.

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As these statistics are quite alarming, it is quite vital to promote girls’ and women’s empowerment all over India for their well-being and gender equality. National Daughter’s Day is a reminder that girls also should be respected, and given equal opportunities such as life skills, and education, and encourages them to take part in sports and other areas of life.

For the first time, National Daughters Day was observed in 2007. In a traditional Indian society, it was only sons who were appreciated for centuries as daughters had to take a backseat. This day was started to encourage parents to share their appreciation for their girl children as well.

In some cultures, to date, daughters are considered to be a burden rather than a blessing. A day like National Daughters’ Day aims to change this narrative making parents understand the beautiful gift that God has given to them in the form of daughters.

However, daughters are not tensions as they are equal to ten sons, according to many literature-based quotes. As National Daughters Day falls on Sunday, it gives an amazing opportunity for parents to celebrate the special day with their daughters and make their bond more precious.

Here we present some lovely wishes and messages for Daughters’ Day:

1) The beautiful thing that you can actually wear around your neck is the soft and warm hug of your daughter. She can make your life really lovely and blessed if you know how to treat her calmly, patiently, and with respect. Happy Daughters Day 2023.

2) Even if the daughter grows up and settles down in her life, she will still remain special and fond of her parents. That’s the uniqueness of girl children that they never can be forgotten from the minds of parents even in their absence.

3) A daughter brings you delightful memories, joy in the moments, and hope for the future, hope you take her seriously when required and laugh at her jokes in a light manner when the situation arises. Striking a balance in your approach towards her can help you win her heart.

4) Daughters are like lifelong friends, they are gifts from God. So, adore the angels sent from heaven to the Earth. Live with them nicely and see how your life changes for the better. Happy Daughter Day to you and your family.

5) Daughters can really help you to see the good within you because they teach us not only to embrace humane qualities and values but also how these things can actually go a long way in making a huge difference in the world. Happy Daughters Day 2023 to you and your family.

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