Dental problems can cause deadly problem for your pet 

LifestyleDental problems can cause deadly problem for your pet 


Dental problems can cause deadly problem for your pet 

Pet care| Dental problems can make it difficult to enjoy the simple joys of life, such as eating or getting a good night’s sleep. It’s no surprise that people with toothaches are irritable and unpleasant most of the time when the problem persists. Consider the dilemma of pets that, although being in pain from a broken tooth or a bleeding mouth, are unable to communicate their feelings.

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While pet parents adore their pets and take them for monthly check-ups and flea and tick vaccinations, dental health is sometimes overlooked since it is difficult to detect tooth problems in pets. Only a comprehensive dental examination will reveal the source of any issues your pet may be experiencing.

Pet dental health is particularly important since, if left untreated, your furry buddy may be at risk of acquiring long-term problems.

According to experts, by the time your dog reaches the age of three, more than 80% of them will have some sort of dental illness, often known as periodontal disease. Because dental disorders in dogs can have serious repercussions, it’s critical to provide them with regular dental care.

Symptoms of dental problem in pet

Missing teeth, teeth that are loose, bad odour, bleeding and painful mouth, inability or refusal to eat or drink, drooling and more are the common dental problems in pet that need to be treated at the right time. 

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Dangers of dental problem in pet

When germs gather in your pet’s mouth, plaque forms, which hardens into tartar and can extend below the gumline, causing dental disease. Tartar that has developed below the gumline can cause problems for your pet’s oral health as well as their overall health.

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