Creative things you can do during coronavirus self-quarantine

LifestyleCreative things you can do during coronavirus self-quarantine


Creative things you can do during coronavirus self-quarantine

Are you bored? Are you sick of staying home? Are you exhausted trying to finish your work projects at home with no outside activity? Well, you are not alone. People are over the world, including rich shots, celebrities are all home in this coronavirus self-quarantine period. When crisis comes, it doesn’t see anyone’s background or religion and hits everyone similarly.

As you are home, you would definitely have some good amount of time that can be utilized for doing some creative activities that you wouldn’t do otherwise. Here is a simple list which you can try at home to give a boost to your creative and positive thinking:

1) Drawing:
Imagine the things you would like to do after this quarantine period is over. Now take a pencil and a paper and start drawing. This exercise if done on a daily basis can help you reduce your anxiety and make you look at the positive aspect of your life.

2) Singing:
Heard Kishore Kumar or Mohammed Rafi songs? No? Okay, I am sure you would have heard Sonu Nigam or Udit Narayan songs. Now, search their best songs and write down the lyrics on a paper. And start singing alongwith them to practice the rhythm and style of singing. Now take your phone and record your original song with no music. See how it feels! You may feel shy or hesitant in the initial stage but over a period of time, you will start improving and liking your songs. Singing is a good way to keep your mind engaged and it also acts as a therapy.

3) Dancing:
You need not know Hip-Hop or Bharatnatyam to hit the dance floor. All you need to do is keep your favourite song on your mobile or laptop and start dancing to your own steps. Start slowly and do it alone. Create your own steps with the moves you can dance. No need to follow any professional or trainer. See how it makes you feel from within. Dancing your own beats will leave you energized and focused.

4) Household chores:
Well, you may wonder how are household chores creative? But research says that people who actively involve themselves in housework like cleaning utensils, sweeping, wiping, ironing, laundry work, cooking etc. lead mentally and physically strong life. If you have never done housework in your life, use this quarantine as an opportunity to start learning new recipes, helping your mother / wife in washing utensils and keeping the house clean. Such small help and support go a long way in building good relationships with family members and it will make you feel good from within that you have utilized your time effectively.

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