Corona will fade the color of Holi

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Tauqeer Siddiqui

The corona virus is now showing an impact outside of China, the festival of colors Holi is also affected by the corona virus affecting the economy of the whole world. For this reason, the color of Holi is likely to fade in the country this time, because many items including water guns, colors, gulal come from China, which makes the festival of Holi more colorful.

Businessmen are worried, there is a ban on imports from China and no new items are coming. For Holi, goods usually started coming from China in January, but due to the outbreak of Corona virus starting in mid-December, the market situation is bad. At the same time, traders also believe that the corona virus has affected as well as the riots in Delhi have also sprinkled salt on it. It is important to note that Delhi is a very big market for Chinese goods.

Due to these circumstances, this Holi is going to be very bad for the traders. The traders of the Indian market are also upset due to the outbreak of Corona virus, because they had already booked items used on Holi for several months in advance. Businessmen had also given its advance, but everything changed due to Corona virus there.

Devraj Baweja, president of the Delhi Trade Federation, says that during Holi, there is a lot of demand for Chinese goods in the markets. This time the stock has come down due to no import of goods from China. The price of these goods has increased in the markets due to short of stock. People are hesitate in shopping due to price increase.

Corona will fade the color of Holi

He said that last year, sales of goods used to start these days, but due to price rise, people are buying less. Aamir, a seller of Sadar Bazar, said that goods have become expensive by 15 to 20 per cent in the wholesale market due to shortage of goods.

Generally, a month before Holi in India there was a glut of Chinese and Delhi items, but this time only India Made Water guns are being sold. Water guns and sprinkler prices have increased manifold due to custom duty.

Wholesaler Malkhan Singh said that this time Chinese color and other goods have not arrived. Told that he himself did not order for Chinese goods this time. Singh said that he is selling herbal desi color and products from Indian companies only. At the same time, Bilal said that people in absence of Chinese color are buying desi colors.

Appeal to refrain from Chinese colors

People are being made aware about avoiding Chinese colors on the festival of Holi due to Corona virus. Messages in this regard are becoming viral on social media. People are being advised not to use Chinese colors on Holi.

People are telling the danger of spreading Corona virus through colors and gulal in viral messages and are advising to stay away from Chinese colors. According to doctors, the corona virus spreads when coming in contact with an infected person, doctors are also advising to avoid Chinese colors.

At the same time, many types of Indian products are also available in the market, be it compulsion or some other, customers are also liking the Made in India colors . People think that one is to be protected against the corona virus and the other is economic support to the country. This is why Indian colors are attracting customers this time. Considering the demand of customers, shopkeepers have also stock a large range of Indian colors in the market.

But say anything, the Indian people are so used to using Chinese goods that without them it is difficult to imagine celebrating the festival, whether it is Diwali or Holi, lack of Chinese colors and water guns breaks the fun of Holi will definitely do. Of course, the corona virus will be responsible for this.

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