Celebrate Global Day of Parents 2020 amid coronavirus lockdown

LifestyleCelebrate Global Day of Parents 2020 amid coronavirus lockdown


Celebrate Global Day of Parents 2020 amid coronavirus lockdown

Global Day of Parents is observed on 1 June 2020, today. Every year, the day is celebrated to pay respect to our parents who gave as an identity in this world.

Parents all over the world always wish for the success and happiness of their children. Some parents may be friendly and some may be strict. Sometimes parents may also appear to be harsher to help us understand the realities of our lives. But ups and downs in any relationship are part and parcel of everyone’s lives.

Parents are the ones who love us selflessly and teach us what is good and bad since our young age. All they want is to ensure our safety and well-being and they do everything for the same.

Due to coronavirus lockdown, we all are at home today. Some may be staying with their parents, while some may not. Irrespective of the differences in the past, make sure you thank your parents for whatever they have done – whether big or small – to make an influence in your life.

One quick video call or a phone call and saying how much you love them and cherish their memories will create wonders in their life. You can also send them a online gift or some money in their bank account so that they can celebrate the day thinking about you and how special you made them feel for being your parents.

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