Breaking Stereotype: Men can have emotions too!

LifestyleBreaking Stereotype: Men can have emotions too!


By – Garima Joshi

“Emotions” everyone knows this word. Right? But the question is, why do we think that women have the only right to express their emotions. Men can have feelings, too; why can’t we accept that?

Emotions are a part of our lives; without them, our life becomes monotonous. Therefore, suppressing them can disturb our mental health. And by the way, why do we have to bury them? We are human, and expressing ourselves is our right.

However, I have come across many men who are trying to hide their feelings. Why are you doing this? Because of some gender stereotypes. Listen, if you want to cry, then don’t be shy. Crying doesn’t mean you are weak; it means you dare to show your emotion. When girls can show it, then why won’t you? It’s as simple as that.

I know from early ages we have been hearing phrases like “Men don’t cry”, “Mard ko Kabhi dard nahi hota”, and so on. Why? Are they robots? Why do we expect this from them? They have a heart, and in the heart, they have emotions; who are we to stop them from expressing their feelings?

We live in the 21st century where we talk about Gender Equality“, but do you think we are implementing it? Today there are so many places where Men have to be strong no matter what the situation is; if they become weak in front of others, their masculinity goes under threat.

This is not society’s fault; even men also tease other men who are comfortable showing their emotions. They use word like “tu ladki hai kya jo ro raha hai”. Why? Instead of teasing other men, try to understand their feelings. Support each other because you never know what might trigger them.

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Research says, over 30% of men experience a period of depression at some point, and about 9% of men have feelings of depression or anxiety every day. And you know what? Men have the same emotional level that women have. They hold on to their emotions that can lead to depression and anxiety.

In 2018, men died by suicide about 3.56 times more than women did. Why? Because they are always under the societal pressure of being strong. That’s why we need to realize that they also need someone to share their emotions.

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Final Thought

As a man, you must allow yourself to express your emotions freely. I know this is not easy for you, but you can take little steps like, talk to your loved ones about how certain things make you feel. Also, women can support their men to break out of this shell and make them feel free to express their emotions without any judgment.

Some might think that if we don’t have anyone with whom we can share emotions. If this is the situation, try this trick: Write the feeling that triggers you and talk to yourself in the mirror. This will make you feel free.

Last but not least, Be the modern men who do not have to live up to society’s image about men. Share your thoughts, emotions and do whatever you love. Just put this in your head “You are enough, you are capable, you can do whatever you like, and most of all you are a beautiful soul.”

That’s all, if you like it then share this with your friends. And if you find something missing in this, then please share your feedback. Thanks!!

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