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Being a part of a game is more important than winning it

game is not just to win, as many people perceive it to be so. A game is a journey that reveals what we are good and weak at. For example, a game on mathematics for me will get some 2 points out of 10. However, if a game is about spirituality or emotional thinking, then I can gain scores based on my subjective thinking. That’s how my thinking revolves and is good at.

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I was in my college when I took part in a running contest and failed miserably due to my increased weight then. Even now when people ask me to walk fast, I don’t as I cannot simply. Physical strength is somewhere I lack in and I accept the same. But when it comes to writing something or thinking about a topic or issue in a broader manner, then I am quite good at it because I simply am able to put my views forward from a holistic perspective.

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It was during one of the elocution competitions that I hesitated to participate in due to my poor verbal communication skills, my teacher encouraged me saying that a game is never participated in so that we can win it or show off how good we are to others. We need to take part in games to become more self-aware about our skills, weakness, threats, and opportunities.

It is only when we try again and again is when we succeed to reach our set goals. That doesn’t mean we force ourselves or our ideas upon others, we just have to do our part and leave the rest to others to take it or not. Being a part of a group or noble cause is much more important than contributing to it on a larger scale. Like even if you don’t have many funds with you, but joining an NGO and helping people in whichever is possible for you is itself enough for humankind to sustain than not doing or being a part of anything at all.

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