Senior Citizens Day: Here’s why the elderly should practice mindfulness

LifestyleSenior Citizens Day: Here's why the elderly should practice mindfulness


 Mindfulness is one of the important factors for a peaceful and happy life. As people age, they usually get into a negative zone because they are not upgraded with the daily happenings in life in a holistic manner. Elderly people rely on a few sources like newspapers, news channels, websites, or people living with neighbors if they are living alone and not in a joint family. Considering the news portrays everything in a negative light, elderly people tend to suck the negativity and toxicity from these few sources.

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As yesterday was Senior Citizens Day, here are some ways how elderly people or senior citizens can practice mindfulness in their lives in the simplest manner.

1) Start writing in a journal:

Journaling your thoughts as they come will help you to put things in perspective. For example, if you read a news item where a milkman has looted a house in the neighborhood or in the city area, don’t start doubting your milkman just because one milkman did the same. You can write your negative thoughts in the journal and below the thoughts, write how those negative thoughts can be converted into positive ones. So, the limiting beliefs that you get can be challenged by looking at things from a fresh perspective.

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2) Keep yourself physically active:

People usually youngsters or relatives will keep telling you to calm down, slow down and not take up additional physical work as that will lead to physical health decline. However, how much your body needs physical activities you will only know. So, it is better for you to keep doing some household chores or take a walk outside or go cycling once a week, thus helping you to stay physically active. Once you are physically active, your mind will not attract negative and toxic thoughts.

3) Remove the comparisons from your mind:

If your friend who is also a senior citizen has not yet announced his retirement from the workplace, then don’t feel disheartened. Probably he has more passion, energy, and even liabilities to keep working in old age. Comparing yourself with other senior citizens or even youngsters will only make things difficult for you to live a happy life. So, whenever you get the comparison game, just stop it and focus on your daily living work.

4) Practice meditation or listen to devotional songs:

Listening to devotional music is itself one of the best ways of focusing your mind on one thing, which is called meditation. So, if you have good practices of listening to spiritual music or even reading ancient scriptures of religion or spirituality, you will be able to feel confident and relaxed from within. 

No matter what, mindfulness is quite important for senior citizens to lead a peaceful and happy life in the current changing times. Accepting that there is nothing called permanent in life will itself help you to lead a life in a realistic manner. A philosophical bent of mind is quite required for senior citizens to not get bogged down by the practicalities and harsh realities of the changing times.

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