Religious barrier falls, Hindus open temple for flood-hit in Pakistan

InternationalReligious barrier falls, Hindus open temple for flood-hit in Pakistan


Quetta (Pakistan): Humanity has no religion, no region. It oozes out in testing times. And it happened in Jalal Khan village at Kachhi district of Baluchistan region of Pakistan where the Hindus opened the doors of Baba Madhodas temple to nearly 300 flood-hit Muslim families and their livestock, according to local newspapers.

The recent flood left a trail of destruction in the village that remained cut off from the rest of the country. The rivers like Nari, Bolan and Lehri inundated the village causing great misery to the people there. According to reports, the temple was built in the pre-partition era in the memory of a Hindu saint who both the communities adore. According to locals, the message that the saint used to convey was love and humanity which flattened all religious barriers in the village.

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The temple built on a high ground remains free from floods. So, it became a safe house for the flood-hit. Although most of the Hindus migrated to other cities of Kachhi for jobs, a couple of families stayed back to look after the temple.  Locals said 55-year-old Rattan Kumar, a shopkeeper in Bhag Nari Tehsil, is the in charge of the temple.  According to local newspapers, heavy rain caused damage to the temple, but most of its rooms were safe.

The Hindu community provided their Muslim brethren in the temple as well as provided food to them, the newspapers said. The flood-hit people also said that the administration had provided them rations with the help of helicopters. A medical camp has also been set up on the temple premises to take care of the flood-hit. According to reports, no sooner had the flood waters began to inundate the village, the Hindus appealed to their Muslim counterparts to rush to the temple where they would get shelter. The Muslims entered there. A villager said it was the blessings of Baba Madhodas that they remained safe, because humanity flattened the religious barrier.

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