Central Bank Governor Flees Afghanistan, Blames President Ghani

InternationalCentral Bank Governor Flees Afghanistan, Blames President Ghani


Central Bank Governor Flees Afghanistan, Blames President Ghani

The governor of Afghanistan’s central bank has departed Kabul, raising doubts about Afghan security forces’ allegiance and blaming President Ashraf Ghani and his inexperienced advisers for the country’s sudden and chaotic collapse to the Taliban. Acting Governor Ajmal Ahmady also stated that US dollar supplies were decreasing and detailed leaving the capital on a military jet in a Twitter thread.

“I started working on Sunday. Throughout the morning, the reports became increasingly worrisome. I walked out of the bank, leaving deputies in control. I felt awful about leaving my co-workers, he stated. It didn’t have to come to this. I’m disturbed by the Afghan leadership’s lack of forethought. They left without notifying anyone, as I witnessed at the airport.”

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On Sunday, Ghani left Afghanistan as Taliban militants marched into Kabul practically uncontested. Their presence, just a week after capturing the provincial capital of Zaranj, was unsettling, according to Ahmady. According to a brief biography provided on the official website, he was named acting governor of Afghanistan’s central bank a little over a year ago, after working at the World Bank, US Treasury, and private equity.

“It seems hard to accept,” Ahmady added, alluding to accusations by some pro-government militia commanders that the army’s capitulation in northern Afghanistan was the product of a plot. As the Taliban approached, Ahmady said that Afghanistan’s financial markets were in a frenzy, especially when the central bank was notified on Friday that it would not be receiving any more dollars, causing the Afghani’s price to plummet.

He said that the currency fell as low as 100 to the dollar, a 23 percent decline, before stabilizing at 86. After a commercial flight, he booked was overbooked, Ahmady claimed he boarded a military plane amid pandemonium on the tarmac. He didn’t say whose military jet he boarded and didn’t say where he was going.

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The government’s demise, according to Ahmady, was due to Ghani’s lack of preparation and unwillingness to recognise the limitations of his advisers. “I anticipated pandemonium would ensue as soon as the president’s departure was revealed. I can’t forgive him for doing it without a strategy on how to get out of it.

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