Now your breath can detect Cancer; IIT Roorkee researchers

HealthNow your breath can detect Cancer; IIT Roorkee researchers


They say prevention is better than cure. If not prevention even early detection of any chronic disease can save a life.

Acknowledging the importance of early observation of cancer and treating it successfully, the masterminds of IIT Roorkee professors have designed a simple and efficient breath-based cancer detector machine that can examine the existence of cancer in body parts like breast, lung, and oral.

The device has been named BLO Detector which particularly works on the principles of colorimetry. It is a result of relentless work of Professor Indranil Lahiri, Professor Partha Roy, Professor Debrupa Lahiri and a few other researchers of IIT Roorkee to bring this alive.

To make this work, IIT Roorkee has partnered with Tata Steel to work on the technology product as the company’s New Material Business division has been investing its energies on developing indigenous solutions for various sectors, including health technology.

Tata Steel is delighted to executive this opportunity with IIT Roorkee to design the BLO detector in partnership.

Talking a little about the device – The BLO detector is a tiny, pocket-friendly breast-lung-oral cancer screening device and a user will just need to blow into this device to get the results.

The device has dedicated color codes to understand the body condition and Immediately after the test, the person can match the colour of the substrate with a given colour code and understand the chances of having any of the breast, lung, and oral cancers.

This new development is expected to touch a lot of lives and have a huge impact on increasing the survival rate of cancer patients – specifically of these three types of cancer.

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