Befriend meditation to fight against coronavirus tension

HealthBefriend meditation to fight against coronavirus tension


Befriend meditation to fight against coronavirus tension

If you are feeling bored, loss of energy and interest in daily activities, anxious and negative due to restrictions of coronavirus, then making friends with the act of meditation can help you to deal with these negative emotions well. Read on to know how you can do meditation at home:

1) There is no right or wrong time to do meditation. Whenever you feel stressed out due to the news and nationwide lockdown limitations or other personal reasons, all you have to do is sit at one silent place of your house. Sit wherever you are comfortable. Now close your eyes and slow down your breathing.

2) Train your mind to focus on one thing. That one thing can be your breathing of inhalation and exhalation. Or it can be a positive thought or imagination of how your life will improve post the lockdown.

3) If you are unable to train your mind, then all you can do is put a relaxing music on your mobile and listen to it calmly.

4) You can start with meditating for 10 minutes a day and slowly increase the duration or number of times of meditation as and when you feel.

Reasons you need to meditate in this coronavirus time:
1) Meditation can help you stay disciplined and relaxed at the same time.
2) Meditation can help you channelize your thoughts in the positive direction.
3) Positive thinking can help you to sleep well and work in a better way.
4) Meditation can also help to improve your moods and confidence levels.

Stay indoors and be safe!

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