Sainik Schools to Open for Girls

Sainik Schools to Open for Girls


Sainik Schools to Open for Girls

Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared on Sunday that all of the country’s Sainik Schools would subsequently be available to girls as well. There are now 33 Sainik schools in the country. “All Sainik schools in the country will now be open to the women of the country,” the government stated.

“I used to receive messages from girls’ lakhs who said they too wanted to go to Sainik school and open the doors for them. A woman was accepted for the first time at the Mizoram Sainik School 2-2.5 years ago “he said

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Meanwhile, he stated that the National Education Policy would become a key force in the battle against poverty. “To fulfil the demands of the twenty-first century, the government now has a new NEP.” The NEP 2020 will play a significant role in the battle against poverty “The Prime Minister said.

He went on to say that when impoverished families’ girls and boys become professionals after learning in their mother tongue, justice will be served to their abilities. Putting the focus on the “There is another distinctive aspect of the new National Education Policy,” Narendra Modi stated of the policy. Sports have been included in the curriculum rather than being an extracurricular activity. Sports are also one of the most efficient ways to advance in life.”

The Sainik Schools Society, which is under the administrative supervision of the Ministry of Defence, runs Sainik schools. Creating Sainik schools was to prepare kids for entrance into the Indian armed services from an early age.

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