Salaar receiving an A certificate, “I hadn’t produced a vulgar film”: Prashant Neel

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In a conversation with SS Rajamouli, director Prashanth Neel revealed details about the Prabhas and Prithviraj Sukumaran film receiving an “A” certificate.

Before Salaar: Par 1-Ceasefire opened on December 22, director Prashanth Neel, actors Prabhas and Prithviraj Sukumaran, and director SS Rajamouli had a conversation. The three talked candidly about everything, including how they joined the team and the plot of the movie. Prashanth talked candidly about the movie and receiving an adult certificate during the conversation.

The intention wasn’t to create a violent movie.

According to Prashanth, the main goal of the fictional nation of Khansar, despite its violent and lawless nature, was to tell the story of two childhood friends. “Salaar is a drama at its core; this story is all about Deva and Vardha,” he remarked. “I’ve seen Telugu cinema for a long time, and the aggressiveness in my film is pale compared to that.” The intention was never to create a violent movie deserving of an A. However, the rules have changed, and I was asked to make some cuts by the censor board. I didn’t make a vulgar movie, so when they said that, I became very quiet. The film’s abuse is required. Though Prabhas assured me it would be alright, I was disappointed.

Salaar didn’t intentionally choose to look like KGF.

Many have questioned whether Prashanth used the same color scheme for Salaar and KGF because the two movies have been connected since the release of the movie’s promotional materials. But the answer is emphatically no. Salaar and KGF are unrelated. He clarified, saying, “I just wanted to convey how grim and tough the world they reside in is.” It wasn’t even a conscious decision to make them look the same. It took me a while to realize how OCD (fascinated) I am about monochrome. Prabhas and Prithviraj even made light of Prashanth’s discerning taste in black hues.

“I would query Prithviraj if he can see the distinction because I didn’t,” Prabhas remarked. We would merely comply as requested by the director.

About Salaar: The action takes place in the rapidly changing city of Khansar. Vardha turns to his childhood friend Deva for assistance when he feels that his ascent is in jeopardy. The film features music by Ravi Basrur and prominent roles by Shruti Haasan and Jagapathi Babu. This Friday, December 22, Salaar: Part 1-Ceasefire is available for purchase.

On December 22, Salaar will be released in Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, and Hindi. Film Dunki is slated to compete head-to-head at the box office with movie Salaar. Regarding the movie, Prabhas had previously stated in a statement that Salaar would examine the intense feelings shared by the main character. I have never played a role like this for the audience. I cannot wait for them to see a different side of me on screen. Prabhas, who prepared for the movie in workshops, added that Prachanth and I would discuss the body language that fits my character. He also gave my suggestion some thought. We would always talk before a big scene.

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