Pallavi Prashanth, the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu 7, was arrested due to post-finale disturbance

EntertainmentPallavi Prashanth, the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu 7, was arrested due...


Agriculturist and Bigg Boss 7 winner Pallavi Prashanth is facing legal issues. Prashanth, also referred to as the “Raithu Bidda,” was reportedly detained in Hyderabad on Wednesday in relation to a vandalism incident involving Amardeep Chowdhary, the runner-up.

The incident started when Pallavi Prashanth was crowned Bigg Boss Telugu 7 champion, earning both the coveted title and a Rs 35 lakh cash prize. But the celebrations outside the Annapurna Studio in Hyderabad, where a sizable contingent of Prashanth’s admirers reportedly assembled, took an unexpected turn after the final.

The festive mood turned tense as runner-up Amardeep Chowdhary, accompanied by his mother and actress-wife Tejaswini, headed home. Supposedly, followers of Pallavi Prashanth attacked Amardeep’s car, shattered the windshield, and unfortunately got out of control.

According to media reports, in the wake of the alleged incident, the police moved quickly to file multiple cases against the parties involved, listing Pallavi Prashanth as the primary accused (A1) and his brother Mahaveer as A2. Through CCTV footage and eyewitness accounts, authorities are actively attempting to identify additional individuals involved in the incident.

It is anticipated that the police investigation will clarify the incident’s circumstances and the participants’ roles. Following the Bigg Boss 7 grand finale, Amardeep Chowdhary, the runner-up, is reportedly assisting the authorities in their efforts to piece together the incidents that resulted for what was meant to be a joyous occasion.

Pallavi and Mahaveer were arrested at Gajwel’s Kollur. Following that, Pallavi’s attorneys petitioned the Nampally court for bail, but the court denied them. Due to the adjournment of the judgment until Saturday, Pallavi remained in remand for at least one more day. In addition to the brothers, a person by the name of Vinay and the drivers Saikiran and Raj have been placed on 14-day remand. According to what his attorney said in court, he was not aware of the disturbance outside.

According to a report, 16 additional people have been detained in connection with the same case. According to state reports, four of them are minors and 12 are majors. The police, who also stated that Pallavi and his group neglected to get the required authorization before holding a rally on the day of the grand finale, will also present them in court. The Bigg Boss winner’s supporters are said to be the ones who vandalized public and private vehicles.

From being one of the most teased competitors on the show to becoming its owner, Pallavi Prashanth won people over. Star-studded Bigg Boss Telugu 7’s grand finale actor Ravi Teja was one of the evening’s special guests. After the show, Prince Yawar left with Rs 15 lakh. Amardeep Chowdhary, a contestant on Bigg Boss Telugu 7, had a unique experience when he got to talk to actor Teja, who is his idol. The host proposed that Amardeep give up the game in order to have a chance to appear in Ravi Teja’s upcoming film.


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