Tips to deal with a submissive manager

EducationTips to deal with a submissive manager


We have heard about dominating and narcissistic managers all this while in corporate offices and even in startups. But have you ever come across a manager who is quite submissive and shy by nature? Well, he or she might have surely risen in their career through sheer hard work, talents, and skills to get the work done even with the help of their introversion. If you have such a submissive manager in your workplace, don’t feel bad or think that your career is down because your company will never progress with introverted leaders. Here are ways how you can find the goodness in the submissive manager and encourage them to express themselves during turbulent times.

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1) Speak clearly and understand things well:

If your manager doesn’t speak much, well it is his nature. But if you have doubts and are unable to know how to work and what to work, then you need to speak clearly in a sober tone and understand your job responsibilities in a crystal-clear manner. Do not get upset if your manager doesn’t give you enough time. It is his nature and that needs to be accepted by you. But he won’t know that you are in trouble unless you speak things up. So, you can ask your manager to have a weekly review meeting in which you share your concerns about your work, and in return, he will share his ideas on how you can overcome work-related issues.

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2) Do not take your boss’s criticism about your manager to your heart:

Your boss may or may not like your team manager because of his introversion. He may have endless doubts as well because your manager never boasts about how your team is performing really well or is ahead of other teams. However, that shouldn’t stop you from thinking that you are on the wrong team. You can ignore your boss’ frustrations with your manager and look at what your team’s goals are. At times, ignoring the negativity and looking at the positivity can help you do a lot of work with good energy.

3) Submissiveness doesn’t mean he is not bold:

Your manager may be courageous but his act of showing his bravery would be towards the work and not with people. You may never see your manager hanging out with other teams or even with his own boss. Because for him, work comes first and then only the rest. So, even if your submissive manager gets taunted at the workplace by others that also includes your own team members, don’t feel angry or disappointed. For you, your rapport with your manager matters the most because you both have to work together to meet the company’s goals. So, focus on those positive aspects of your manager’s work where he cannot be beaten by others at all. 

Let your team’s work speak more than anything else. If your submissive manager is not someone who enjoys office gossip and politics, then accept and appreciate him for being himself. You will never get such gems in the workplace who are humble and also dedicated to their work despite their expressive communication limitations.

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