Tips to improve your connections during travel

EducationTips to improve your connections during travel


People who are extroverts or know to talk with complete strangers with full confidence tend to make good connections wherever they go. But when it comes to introverts or shy people, talking with strangers or new people and making new connections while traveling is a tedious job. As introverts, they have the tendency to doubt others’ intentions who try to be too friendly with them for no reason, but there is something that they miss out on majorly. If you are an introvert or have never made any new connections during your travel, then here are some amazing tips for you.

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1) Don’t give away all your important details:

For example, if a stranger tries to talk to you during the bus tour, then you need not shut them by saying you are not interested to continue the conversation. Instead, you can try to know more details about that person. Like where he or she lives, what they do, and how they have come to this place where you both are headed to. However, when it comes to sharing your details, you can share from a general perspective. Like when they ask you where you reside, it doesn’t mean they want your address or personal details. It only means that they are asking which locality you are from and what you do for a living. You can simply share your work area or work title without giving too many details about your salary package or job description. There is a way out of everything, you just have to trust the communication process.

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2) Feel calm and talk with a free mindset:

Not everyone out there traveling with you is a robber or goon. Just get to know their full name and if you have further doubts, you can simply ask them to add you on social media. If they refrain from doing so, then only you got to doubt that there is something fishy. Otherwise, you can carry on the conversation just like a normal one wherein you can talk about your favorite celebrities, trending news, and even your pandemic time stories. The more you share and even listen to general topics, the more you will get an understanding of what is the level of thinking of the other person. 

3) Don’t rush to end or start the conversations:

Many times out of fear and insecurity, we think we need not continue with our conversations with the new connection. But probably the way they talk or express themselves may not be as per your expectations. You may be losing out on a gem of a person during your travel period if you judge him or her immediately. So, just let the time pass by, know each other well and you can even add one or two more strangers to your conversation if you are afraid to get into any group activity alone. The more open and flexible your approach is, the more you can improve and make better connections in your travel period.

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