Social media tips to grow your home-based business

EducationSocial media tips to grow your home-based business


A home-based business is a growing trend these days. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, remote working started gaining more importance than before. There are more online or work-from-home or online jobs that can be done part-time or freelancing than in the last decade. Many qualified professionals are willing to stay back home, do their caretaking duties towards their children or parents, or in-laws, and are setting up their home-based businesses.

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Most importantly, home-based businesses are easier to open and run due to the ease of operations and also time-saving procedures. If you are a homepreneur who wants to improve your online visibility, here are some amazing tips.

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1) Have a dedicated Facebook page for your business:

Although Facebook seems to be losing its charm compared to Instagram and other social networks, it is still one of the leading online platforms where you can promote your business. You can check out the Facebook page to understand how to open the page and update the details of your business. Posting one or two updates a day on your Facebook page will build traction over a period of time organically. You need not go for ads on Facebook in the initial stage of your business but can subscribe to the same after you have become stable in your home-based setup.

2) Have a LinkedIn profile and page on your business name:

If you want to connect with the who’s who of your industry, then make sure to have a LinkedIn profile on your business name. Also, you can open a page on LinkedIn where you can blog and even post updates about the home-based business. You will also be able to showcase your skills through your LinkedIn profile and attract more businesses or sales because you would get an opportunity to meet like-minded people. 

3) Have a YouTube channel:

Irrespective of whether your business requires videos or not, having a presence on YouTube really adds credibility to your firm. Because you are being more open about how your business deals and why clients should trust your business model. You can also post value-added videos to your channel that will help your audience understand the services of your business and also take home something meaningful when they watch your videos. For example, motivational videos, and short videos on tips to prepare for something related to career, job, personal life, etc. are also useful and interesting for the audience to watch and keep them hooked.

4) Start a website on Blogger or WordPress:

These two platforms have been there for several years and despite growing competition, they deliver services to the site users and the audiences in a timely and budget-friendly manner. You will just need a few thousand rupees to get a website on your business name and also keep updating the same. The website will help you to write in detail about the products or services along with sharing your knowledge and information with internet users in general as well.

Hope these tips help you to set up the initial base of your home-based business in a successful manner.

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