How to treat the team when they overachieve the targets

EducationHow to treat the team when they overachieve the targets


Overachievement is really rare but when your team does it, then make sure you honor them. Achieving the targets have to be done by default to keep up with the job. But when it comes to overachieving the sales or any work targets, if the team is willingly doing it, then you really have a kickass team. You need to keep them motivated by doing something special to them every now and then so that you can retain them. Here are some ideas to ensure your overachieving team always remains with your company:

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1) Congratulate them wholeheartedly:

If your team has delivered amazing work results, then it is your time to congratulate each one of them in person and also in the team meeting for whatever contribution they have done to get the unexpected results. You can definitely think of some kinds and inspiring words while you talk about the team in the team meeting. You can explain to them how their hard and smart work has helped the company and be transparent in your dealings. Give them the needed recognition and also show them a future plan of how working, in the same manner, can help them get better job titles.

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2) Gift them something meaningful and unique:

Increasing their salary or giving them incentives becomes a part of HR’s job to ensure that the team members are financially motivated. But at the end of the day, not everyone is concerned about their bread and butter alone. The team members are looking for opportunities wherein they can grow and have a good standing in society. So, you need to think of what will keep them inspired to work in your company and give each team member one unique gift. Don’t compare it with any money or job title. But ensure that the gifts are well-thought-of and come to their use at any point time in their future.

3) Give them Recommendation letters/Certificates:

Every job is achieved when a group of people come together and give their best. A Recommendation letter or an Achiever’s Certificate comes to aid when they are applying for better jobs in the future or talking about their success stories with others. You can help each employee get a letter for the work that they have done in ensuring that your project is a grand success. You can also make them realize how important the document is so that they preserve it for future records.

4) Introduce them to prominent people in the industry:

You may have great friends in the industry who are quite well-known and accomplished. How about throwing a party for your team wherein you introduce them to the most important people who are working in top positions in the industry? The party can be a formal or informal one depending on your work culture, but when they meet such influential people, they feel that they are getting noticed in the industry for their work in your company, which is also a win-win.

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