What is the Role of Prayers?

Concept of the DayWhat is the Role of Prayers?


Nowadays people going through stress, anxiety, and depression have become quite common. The coronavirus pandemic has had a lot of contributions to this scenario. However, generally, if you see the way the world is rapidly changing, there are more and more people facing mental health issues. You might have heard of how children these days complain of not getting good grades as compared to their friends and skip birthday parties or social gatherings as they are anxious to face their relatives or friends.

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You might have also seen couples fighting over trivial issues and seeking a lawyer for divorce or separation due to heightened stress levels. Depression is common among senior citizens as they fear death and separation from their loved ones. Loneliness and the non-acceptance of reality have become the root causes of several mental illnesses these days.

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Prayers, as my mother always says, gives people a reason to believe in God or the Supreme Power. People who don’t understand religion and the art of praying may not relate to it. But people who have lived in households where their morning alarm is in the form of the women of the household reciting prayers would know how effective prayers are. Prayers have the potential to bring a soothing effect to your mind when it wanders or gets lost in the momentary changes that keep happening in life. Research has proven that prayers have the potential to bring focus to one’s mind and help one get the required clarity to lead their life. It also helps to reduce alcoholism, drug use, and suicide rates because praying helps one to establish a connection with God who never abandons or lets one down.

When a person keeps praying each day to his or her favorite God, he spends time on personal reflection that has a huge effect on his brain. One develops feelings of empathy and compassion when he or she prays to the Almighty regularly. The act of praying helps one to find solace when their mind is racing with several thoughts about the hectic day or uncertain life. Praying helps one to relate to God’s plan and work as per the ideas and come out of the illusionary world.

One can keep aside at least 15 minutes to an hour a day for prayers to God which can be in the form of chanting or writing. Praying is proven to also help improve a person’s happiness levels. So, whether the place of worship is a temple, church, mosque, or at your own home/office, praying regularly can increase the levels of dopamine in your brain and make you a more optimistic person. For the unaware, dopamine is a hormone that is related to happiness. It is the same hormone that gets released in your brain when you eat chocolate or sweet items.

A lack of commitment to a belief system increases a person’s worst-case scenario imagination and experiences of traumatic events. But when a person prays, he starts increasing his faith in a particular community or God which makes him resilient. It gives him a better ability to cope with difficult stressors in life. Thus, trusting life’s journey as it happens becomes easier for people who take time out to pray quite often. 

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