What is Superstition?

Concept of the DayWhat is Superstition?


A superstition is a belief or practice by a group of people who may do so without any rationality. Their belief stems from the thought process that there is something called supernatural or magical and is also from the fear of something that is unknown and undiscovered. Superstitious beliefs or practices are usually for thinking of something as good luck or bad luck. For example, you might have noticed how people don’t walk ahead if they see a black cat crossing their road. Same way, you might have seen how people still consider menstruating women during their periodic cycles as achoot or non-touchable because of their religious beliefs. Some people also consider not touching the bottles of ghee, oil, curd, and salt if they have a death in the family and to touch the same things only after 13 days are over. 

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All over the world, there are several myths and superstitious beliefs about several things. For example, in some communities, people avoid wearing black and white colored dresses during auspicious functions while in some communities, those colored clothes are celebrated the most for observing any function or rituals. Some consider keeping their brooms upside down at home because it means getting more prosperity while some people consider keeping their brooms straight but above the ground to avoid getting into any debts or unwanted financial crises.

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Some people consider applying some vibhuti or sindoor or Chandan on their forehead before leaving the house or appearing for any exam or interview or doing some important work because doing so, helps them get confidence and blessings from their favorite Gods or Goddesses. While some people consider wearing black colored or yellow or red colored threads on their wrists or legs or neck, to avoid getting any negative energy from evil eyes.

So, if you go to see, you will find several beliefs that are religious in nature and some are irrational when they are found to be followed by people. But whatever they are, they help people do their work and also live in peace. Some people do not empty any of their home stuff on Tuesdays and Fridays because they consider those days for getting stuff rather than donating or emptying things. 

Some people consider visiting some temples on particular days only to honor their favorite God or Goddess because they think doing so will please the Gods and get their blessings. Some people consider girls to not study after their basic education because then they will lose interest in household chores and looking after family life. While some people consider men to be only doing office work and otherworldly work so that they are always engaged and don’t get into any wrongdoings. 

Some myths also involve widowed women not taking part in any auspicious functions and also not involving themselves in any work related to rituals and traditions because that is considered to be a sin in their community. While some consider widowed men who have children to get remarried as soon as their wife passes away prematurely because that will only keep their family and its generations going ahead.

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