What is renewed job growth?

Concept of the DayWhat is renewed job growth?


Renewed job growth is the common theme nowadays in India across all sectors. There is a new type of hiring in all sectors at various levels so that more people can change jobs and fill up the vacant positions. While there is news about great resignation and top technology companies in the US reducing their hiring capabilities, there is renewed job growth in India. This is because more people are leaving their top positions in various industries, thus making HRs and recruiters create new job openings that are less stressful and more achievement-oriented in their companies.

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It is not one man who has to head the show everywhere nowadays. It is a group of people who get the right kind of training and development and good salary package funda that is driving the Indian economy in recent times. So, if you check on Naukri and Indeed, there are more junior and mid-level positions getting opened up in the last year, more than before. This is because more senior-level positions are getting closed and resigning from their positions as the last two years are more of a grieving period all over the world.

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In order to reduce the unemployment crisis, there is renewed job growth wherein companies are hiring new employees for their new teams to handle the huge loads of work. There is definitely work but the manpower to get the work done has been looked at differently. Recruiters are using empathy and kindness as the main traits while they post jobs and salary packages. Not everyone is looking for a top position in the current times but a job that will allow them to have a work-life balance along with giving them enough time to pursue their other hobbies.

People are willing to work in teams and create smaller jobs with flexible work cultures. I recently spoke to a recruiter who was looking to fill permanent job positions in her company. She said that she is okay with even giving jobs to people who are comfortable working from their homes or remote locations. The idea is to get a more talented and qualified workforce working on a single project rather than a single person handling multiple projects and then eventually resigning due to stress.

As major companies are considering removing several employees as a downsizing or cost-cutting activity, there are several small and medium-sized companies who are willing to hire more employees for their multiple projects. So, on one end, when you read news about employees getting laid-off by the top guns, and on the other hand, the economy is reviving with small and medium enterprises increasing their recruitment activities by hiring the best out of the talented pool.

As the 75th Independence Day was celebrated recently, the tourism sector showed signs of renewed job growth and the government came up with improved infrastructure to evolve tourism in India. PM Modi’s encouragement to foreign tourists on his foreign tours is that they visit India under the Chalo India banner and explore the culture, heritage, and adventure of the country. When such sectors improve, then there is renewed job growth in such industries.

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