What is Remake?

Concept of the DayWhat is Remake?


Remake is making a particular thing again in a different way. A remake can be of a film or of music that has been already released earlier. For example, famous Indian singer Neha Kakkar faced a lot of backlash on social media platforms when she sang for the remake of the popular Garba song Maine Payal Hain Chankai. The song was earlier sung by Falguni Pathak. Fans and followers criticized Neha for agreeing to be a part of the remake of the song, which is titled “O Sajna” and got released recently on the occasion of Navratri 2022.

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Remakes are quite common in Bollywood and various film industries of India and the world. The remake is usually of an already existing work done by a musician or filmmaker and it is taken up by another person or company so that improvement can be introduced and released to a different audience.

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Let us not confuse remake with dubbing. For example, if you switch on any famous television channels like Dhinchaak, Set Max, etc. you will find dubbed movies of Telugu, Tamil and Kannada languages in the Hindi language because these channels cater to Hindi-speaking audiences. However, in these dubbed movies, the producer of the film has only hired dubbing artists to translate the movie’s language to Hindi, the film has not been remade completely with different stars and backgrounds.

Film remake examples are the recently released Vikram Vedha, which stars Saif Ali Khan and Hrithik Roshan. The film was earlier released in Tamil language starring R. Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi in lead roles. Now the same producers can decide to remake the film or sell the remake rights to another production house so that they can narrate the story with different themes, dialogues, and interesting twists that may not be a part of the original story. Remakes are also creative work and not just copy-paste or mere translation and involve production and distribution costs.

Thus, remakes sometimes may turn out to be a blockbuster of an earlier flop film or the tables can turn wherein if the actors or film crew doesn’t work well, the blockbuster film remade into another language can turn out to be a huge disaster. For example, the Telugu film Nenu Local was a hit at the box office with the audience appreciating Nani’s acting skills and punch dialogues. But when the same film was remade in Hindi as Nikamma by another production house, the film didn’t live up to people’s expectations because not many changes were done to the scripting and film’s story to suit the Hindi-speaking audience.

Remaking a movie or song requires a legal license from the original producers and directors. The remakes are usually done in different film industries as an inspiration or adaptation to the original film’s story. The copyright holder of the film has all the rights to sell the film’s license to another company for making a remake.

I generally prefer watching films in their original language with English subtitles. Rather than watching a remake, I would prefer to ON the subtitles and watch the original movies because of the film team’s sincere efforts to present a story for the first time to their audiences.

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