What is Palm Sunday- A Symbol behind the Celebrated Day

Concept of the DayWhat is Palm Sunday- A Symbol behind the Celebrated Day


Every year, the calendar reminds me of Palm Sunday Christians. For many people, this day is considered the unofficial start of spring break, but it has huge significance among Christians. Christians celebrate this day with full faith. If you want to dive into related information about Palm Sunday, you should read this article

What is Palm Sunday

On Palm Sunday, Christian churches give the congregation palm branches. This branch helps Christians to re-create Christ’s final arrival celebration in Jerusalem. Followers use the palm branch to honour him as Messiah and King

When the Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is referred to Sunday before easter or the last Sunday in Lent. It is the start of Holy Week, the most crucial week of the year for Christians. The date for Palm Sunday changes with the year because easter changes with the Jewish holiday of Passover. here are the Palm Sunday dates of the following years, when it comes according to easter

  • 2 April in 2023
  • 24 March in 2024
  • 13 April in 2025
  • 29 March in 2026

What is the history of Palm Sunday

According to history, Palm Sunday is referred to Sunday before easter. It was celebrated in catholic, Anglican churches, and Episcopalian, which are traced back to 1600 years. The Palm Sunday observation in Jerusalem was witnessed by Egeria pilgrims in 381-384. During the observance, there was a procession of people down to the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. The people waved through branches of olive trees or palms when they walked, according to Palm Sunday history

The meaning and story of Palm Sunday

The commemorates of Palm Sunday Jesus’ arrival are for the Jewish holiday of Passover in Jerusalem. According to the story, Jesus rode a donkey in Jerusalem and was greeted by a huge crowd of people shouting and palm branches.  The people placed their coast and palm branches on ground when the Jesus was passed. This is the story behind Palm Sunday which is celebrated among Christians

How do Christians celebrate Palm Sunday?

The Christian celebrations of Palm Sunday are based on varied denominations. Both Catholic and Protestant churches celebrate this day. Some may place decorative palm branches, whereas most of the churches you go to on Palm Sunday dedicate to sermons to know about the triumph entry of Jesus

Others may have kids wave palm branches down to aisles, whereas sometimes people sign a song with the ” Hosanna” word. This phrase is used by the Israel people when Jesus makes entry into Jerusalem. If you do not make entry in church on Palm Sunday, then there are ways to celebrate it at home also.


Palm Sunday is celebrated with the distribution and procession of palm leaves and branches. On this day, Christians go to church. In a few churches, the palms are saved and burned in ashes to be used on Ash Wednesday of another year. Some Christians fold palm leaves into crosses and keep them at their homes

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