What is Next Generation Leader?

Concept of the DayWhat is Next Generation Leader?


Next-generation leadership is also called 21st-century leadership. In modern times, which is the 21st century, there are drastic changes happening in every sphere of life and the world. Specific changes happen in technology, industry, economy, politics, and the climate. In order to deal with these sudden changes that are likely to happen every now and then because we are living in a temporary world, there is a huge need for next-generation leadership. In a nutshell, a next-generation leader is one who knows to lead in the worst of times and adapts to the changes with a positive approach and a resilient mindset.

What is Leadership Transformation?

So, in order to work as a next-generation leader and even thrive so, you won’t find anything in the books or already written content about leadership. Because this form of leadership is the latest one that talks about how you as an individual can bring about the transformation in the world as per your success formula. It is a mindful approach where the leader knows his team members, how far the company can go, and what needs to be invested in terms of resources so that the company can run despite all the odd and worse times. 

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Next-generation leadership cannot be talked about or written about because it is how the leaders practice and makes things work in the real world. For example, you might have noticed a next-generation leader in your office, who is not your boss or team leader, but the one who taught you to up your skills and lend you a helping hand in the worse situations. Next-generation leaders are someone who goes by their gut feelings and instincts rather than the bookish knowledge or already used success formulas.

The best example of the next-generation leader is our moms or women who slog hard in the kitchen just so that people in the house can carry on their daily tasks without any disturbances or loss of mind. The woman knows that if the milk gets spoilt in the summer season, you need not throw the milk but make a sweet dish out of it like rasgulla or palkova it. She is ahead of time in her own ways and knows how to use even the left-over rice and sambhar of yesterday if a guest knocks at your door unexpectedly in the early morning. 

Even in the coronavirus pandemic times, you might have noticed many next-generation leaders in your office, in your society, in your educational institution who came up with innovative ideas just so that the work keeps going on and doesn’t stop even if people are at home or can’t travel outside. When I heard about schools sending short video lectures and homework questions on WhatsApp to the parents just so that the students’ education shouldn’t stop, I was really stunned by the innovative idea that stuck with the school teachers or educators.

It really shows who is the real leader when the testing time comes. Is it the one who is calling himself a leader just by sitting in the position or is it the one who truly makes a difference in the world by their actions and behavior that matters the most?

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