What is Good Quality Content?

Concept of the DayWhat is Good Quality Content?


Good quality content is based on a few factors such as who is the reader, what is the reader’s background, what are the interests of the readers, what they aim to achieve, and what queries they have. Understanding this is important for creating good quality content that is relevant and also trending. If you notice Google always ranks the content that is at par with its quality parameters and when you search for a keyword, the topic comes on the top of the search engine.

What is Content Interaction?

However, Google keeps updating its policies and as a blogger, one has to keep reading the terms and conditions of Google in terms of SEO and creating content. For example, back in the 2010s when I had started blogging on WordPress, I was updated by my research team that writing 250-word pieces were considered the best practice for blogs or articles. Then in 2020, when I started writing for a news website, I was informed that writing 300 words article has become the best practice. Just a few months ago, I was updated that 500 words have become the latest way of writing blogs or articles. 

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Some bloggers or websites recommend writing 1,000 or 1,500 words articles. Now when I am searching for more freelancing gigs, I find websites that have the ideal length of writing articles for 2000 to 2500 words. There were also some interesting concepts like 10x content, skyscraper content, etc. which had been written many times on the internet on popular websites. 

However, from my experience, I would recommend that good quality content means writing what is relevant and simple to understand. Yes, at times, certain topics need long-form articles so that you are ahead of other competitor websites in terms of what has been covered in your article. However, you cannot standardize each content or topic with a word count that is standardized. There is one size that fits all in the website content industry.

Some topics can also be expressed in shorter words, depending on the situations, audience, industry, topic, reach, and timing of publishing the content. For example, if you want to convey to the students that the exam results have been announced on the university website, you can keep the content that is short, with fewer sentences, and highlight the website link mainly so that students are redirected to the university website. Don’t write just for the sake of filling up the page as it bores the readers after a period of time who would visit you less just because you are offering them SEO practices and not informative and reliable content.

You can even term 10 sentences as good quality content if the 10 sentences written by the writer or author are related to the topic and not keyword-stuffed or hyperlinks added just to earn Google Adsense revenue. You need to be smarter to term of what is good quality content and what is bad quality content. So, if you write 1000 words about a trending topic, it should really cover what is important to know for the readers, rather than wasting their time of the readers to find where the relevant content is.

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